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  • "I bought my R6S 08 last year,we drove to Alabama,Florida,Atlanta and surrounding area and was treated like a number ,one of the best experiences ever was prchasing with Zack .Outsatanding customer service.We will purchase our next bike with him. Thanks Zack, Angel Johnson"

    Overall Rating:
    Angel Johnson - Savannah, GA
  • "Zach was a great guy. The guys in my hometown would not work with me because of how good motorcycle stores are doing right now. No follow-up and no honest customer service. My wife called and asked to speak with the owner. Within a few minuits Zack took care of everything and we left Savannah shortly after to take delivery. Zach took his time to make sure a novice rider like myself understood what I needed to know about the bike and once we were both confident he handled all the paperwork very professionally. Thanks, again for the help. See you next year or so when I get my R1. -Chase Johnson"

    Overall Rating:
    Chase Johnson - Savannah, GA
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